Becoming an Edge Radio Subscriber is super easy. For the cost of an okay coffee a month, you’ll help keep this independent station on air. Plus you’ll get access to the best of Hobart and Tasmanian music, art and culture through prizes, freebies and discounts – available only to Edge Radio Subscriber.

Subscribing not your thing? You can also make a tax deductible donation here.


We make great radio because you keep us going.
Radio is free to listen to, but it costs money to make. Without the love of our supporters we’d be out on the streets. We don’t get millions of dollars from the government to help pay our bills. Sponsorship only covers some of our running costs. Without your support, there is no Edge Radio. You keep us on the air.

If you love Hobart, support Edge Radio.
We love Hobart so we make it our business to support local music, events, spaces and people. When you become a subscriber you’re not just helping us, you’re making a better city. If your friends are in a band, your sister runs a gallery or your cousin is into theater, chances are we can help give them a leg up – because that’s what we do!

And we are madly passionate about Tasmanian music – 50% of the music we play is Australian and 20% of that is from Tasmania. Without Edge Radio, where would you find out about all of the amazing local talent we have?

Your support means we can do cool stuff!
More Edge Radio supported gigs and events, live broadcasts, and more opportunities for young people to get involved in radio are just a few examples of the fun things we get up to with the love and support of our Edge Radio Subscribers. We’re always looking to expand our horizons, and we’re pretty darn good at making your dollars go a long way!


  • You’ll have access to special Edge Radio subscriber discounts around town.
  • Access to subscriber only competitions.
  • The inside info on upcoming events and goings on at Edge Radio.
  • Invitation to Edge Radio only events (because we love you).
  • Any future subscriber goodies we can think of.
  • …and you get to listen to a cool radio station!


At this point in time we have a couple of flat monthly subscription rate for everyone.

Monthly Subscription – $2 (No Card Included With This One)
Monthly Subscription – $5

Edge Radio give you a few options to subscribe. You can use your regular old credit or debit card to subscribe or if you have a PayPal account you can subscribe using that.

Your Edge Radio subscription is on-going and will continue until you say otherwise.

If you’re keen for some reading, here’s our privacy policy and our refund policy.

Delivery of your supporter card should take 12 – 14 business days.

Got a question? Email [email protected] or call us on (03) 6226 7273, Tuesday or Thursday 10am – 5pm.

Or, if you’d prefer to use Paypal…

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