There are many ways you can support Edge Radio. Please choose an option below to learn more. 

Whether it’s a one off donation or regular contribution, we appreciate anything you can give. Donations go towards ensuring Edge Radio remains here for years to come as a voice for the youth of Tasmania. Ooh, ooh. And they’re tax deductible! 
We also try to hold annual fundraisers. It’s good times to get involved and donate during a campaign, and there’s usually prizes to be won, so please keep an eye on our socials and website for updates. 

We can’t call it ‘advertising’ so we won’t, besides, sponsorship packages offer a whole lot more like the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with helping the kids. We also offer live broadcasts, social media, and more as add-ons so let us know what you’re hoping to promote. We promise it’s cheap as chips access to a huge audience you wouldn’t normally access. Go on.  

If you would like to discuss a bequest to Edge Radio and youth broadcasting, please email [email protected] or call us on (03) 6226 7273, Tuesday or Thursday 10am – 5pm. 

Where your cash goes
It takes a lot to run a radio station, even a non-profit! Here are some of the things we use funds raised in the community for: 

  • Youth Training. We’re the only broadcast training organisation in Tasmania, and we make it a priority to focus on young people. In schools and at the station, our Youth Training Program provides comprehensive, high level training, mentorship, and guidance where participants develop a range of skills across broadcasting, content creation, business, and audio engineering. 
  • Tassie music. We’re committed to ensuring the music we play will showcase the incredible talent we have in Tasmania. We will always provide a platform for musicians to share and discuss their work and, when possible, support in other ways such as the the Creatively Mental campaign and including a permanent slot for a dedicated Tasmanian Music program
  • Media diversity. We’re worried that media organisations are dwindling. Local outlets are getting gobbled up by huge conglomerates, limiting the unique voices of place and country across Australia. Far more than a novelty, local voices enrich the community, empower marginalised people, and provide opportunity. Edge is committed to ensuring media diversity in Tasmania and providing a platform for all Tasmanians. 
  • Raising voices. How often do you hear a radio host with down syndrome? What about frank discussions of LGBTQ+ issues or just hearing rainbow voices on-air be themselves? Programs on local sports or women’s issues? An show entirely produced at a high school both on-air and on-demand? Edge Radio will never stop raising the voices of Tasmanians and supporting our young people, and those who are young at heart, to be heard above the noise. 
  • Equipment! While some of our equipment is generously supported through grants, some isn’t. Donations help contribute to our station’s wish list or emergency items. Things on the list include a projector we lost due to a leaky roof, video live streaming equipment, sound cards, power backups, and more. Your funds will sometimes go to a specific item that can make a world of difference to how we operate. 

There’s a lot more, we could go on and on, but mostly we just want to say thank you for considering a donation today and supporting youth radio in Tasmania. 

Want to know more? View our annual report for a break down of our financials.