Plaster of Paris have been throwing their oestrogen across Melbourne stages with unapologetically queer, feminist and D.I.Y. performances for years, weaving slashing guitar riffs round Zec Zechner’s powerhouse vocals, all to danceable, hard-hitting post-punk revival drum beats.

For their debut album, Lost Familiar, the band have evolved their sound, with guest baritone saxophonist Maddy Mac filling the bottom end (think The Saints partying with Nina Hagan), plus some sneaky synth from Amy Chapman. Sarah Blaby’s guitar lines flip between chugging rhythms and infectious melodies, as Nicola Bell tightens her grip on relentless grooves.

Recorded and mixed by Casey Rice and Paul Maybury, and mastered by Nao Anzai, with incredibe artwork by Luke Fraser/Aht+, Lost Familiar doubles down on themes of body politics, climate denial, queer identity and states of physical and mental emergency. Lyrically, Plaster of Paris engage listeners with humour and visualised story telling, presenting cutting political motifs within catchy-as-fuck hooks. Plaster of Paris’ debut album Lost Familiar is an epic rush from start to finish. Frenetic, raw, ferocious, and not to be missed. 

Release: June 23rd, 2021, Psychic Hysteria
​Words: Psychic Hysteria