Quivers have finally shared their long awaited sophomore album Golden Doubt – out now via Spunk Records (AUS/NZ), Ba Da Bing Records (US/UK) and Bobo Integral (EU/ASIA). 

Golden Doubt is carried by shimmering guitars and the harmonising vocals of members Holly Thomas and Bella Quinlan. Elevated by the production of Matthew Redlich (Holy Holy, Husky, Ainslie Wills), the record explores what comes after grief, and how we throw ourselves back into love.

As Sam Nicholson explains: “the album tries to bottle the rush of feelings and fears when you give in to falling for someone. It’s also an album in love with other albums, and the other bands around us.”

Before each take at Woodstock and The Aviary studios in Melbourne, Australia, the band would imagine a scene together (a waterhole for ‘Laughing Waters’, an overgrown carpark for ‘Videostores’) and then dive in to capture live group takes.

Quivers need to get words on the page and sounds out to keep moving on. Both Sam and Holly lost their brothers in the same year, and through that shared vulnerability they all have together, that runs deep. Golden Doubt is also a love letter to playing music as a band and processing it all together rather than just carrying it as a weight. The cancellation of a 21-date US tour they had slated for 2020 has left them undeterred; Quivers plans to continue being a band and get back out into the world as soon as it’s possible.

After these strange few years of cancelled Australian and overseas tours (including their return to the US where they were due to again play for KEXP in Seattle), time and trouble have only sharpened this band’s approach that guitar pop can be group therapy, but still a very good time.

Quivers, with their ’life-damaged but hopeful jangle pop’,  may have created the antidote to existential dread by embedding it in songs that feel so present and alive.

Release: June 11th, 2021, Spunk Records
Words: Brain Drain PR