Snowy Band have shared their highly anticipated sophomore album Alternate Endings, out now digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Spunk Records.
Alternate Endings is the follow up release to Snowy Band’s 2020 debut album Audio Commentary, which received seemingly endless praise across the board nationwide.
While some artists find it challenging to live up to debut release success, on Alternate Endings, Liam ‘Snowy’ Halliwell doesn’t try to make something more grandiose, instead he describes setting out to write the same album again. Liam says: Alternate Endings ended up being a semi-sequel or a re-boot of Audio Commentary – an alternate version. It has track listing, artwork and instrumentation that’s deliberately a mirror image of the original. It was recorded the same way and it even has some of the same songs on it!” 
While this is true, with a band line-up featuring some of Melbourne’s best and brightest talents, Snowy Band’s Alternate Endings have delivered a sequel of sorts that shines just as brightly as the original.
Swaying between dream-pop numbers that will have you joyfully singing along, to finger-picking tracks that lull and sooth on even the darkest day, Alternate Endings is just that – a personal alternate ending. Just close your eyes and be taken there.
Snowy Band is the primary musical project of Melbourne-based musician and songwriter Liam Halliwell (formerly of The Ocean Party and countless other Australian groups over the past decade).
Formed in 2019 with long-time friends and collaborators Emma Russack, Nathalie Pavlovic and Dylan Young, Snowy Band worked quickly and consistently throughout their first year in existence – writing, recording and playing their first shows – culminating in the release of their debut LP Audio Commentary in 2020.
Alternate Endings is the band’s sophomore album, out digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Spunk Records. 

Release: August 27th, 2021, Spunk Records
​Words: Brain Drain PR