Sycco (pron. ‘psycho’), aka 19 yo Brisbane First Nations writer/producer/artist Sasha McLeod, has shared her pop-driven, psych-infused, dance-inducing (and concisely titled) debut EP via Future Classic (Flume, G Flip, Buzzy Lee). 

Powered by shimmering, hooky choruses and impressive psych-pop production – the now-signature Sycco style – the EP’s textures sound like what a lava lamp looks like: glowing, fluid, sometimes joyfully surprising in the direction it moves. Throughout the seven tracks, love is a constant but it’s not all heart-eyes and hopeful prospects. “A lot of the EP is about my angry feelings that I bottle up. I write about what I’m going through in my day to day and about love … and being scared of love.” This contrast between exultation and melancholia throughout the EP might just capture the core of Sycco: glimmering choruses that will refuse to leave your frontal lobe, and the secret, scared confessions scrawled between beats.

“I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that ‘Sycco’s First EP’ is actually out there. It’s psychedelic, it’s random, it’s enthusiastic, it’s colourful – it’s everything I wanted ‘Sycco’s First EP’’ to be.” 

Sycco’s ascent only started in 2020 (mid-pandemic) but her drippy bops have already landed her in the pages of Vogue, NME, Billboard, Paper, Nylon, and Paste. Hotly tipped as one of the country’s most promising new artists, she’s sold out her debut headline tour and performed (virtually) for SXSW, and KCRW. She’s partnered with Buscabulla, Tim Atlas and Oscar Scheller, won Song of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards, and picked up nominations at the AIR and NIMA Awards.

Release: July 30th, 2021, Future Classic
Words: Bossy Music