Presenter/producer JamesT dr0ps out of bed @ 6:00am to drive iN from New Norfolk to be ‘iN on Sunday Morning’ To play music that iS about… drop0ut of something to be iN something else. JamesT would like you the listener to drop a line to us about your own drop0ut story!! Recently we have started taking the show in the direction …of what the Dr0p0ut concept is all about. A close friend who has been working with lots of Tasmanian musos/acts is starting to connect ‘Dr0p0ut’ with these players…therefore it should make for very good access to folk & their recordings.

The show is kinda’ morphing into nearly all 0z via & approx. 50% Local Talent what a fan*TAS*tic surprise ..this is due in part to my c0-producer having the material available for inclusion into the program.

  The SIGN )( contributes to the program weekly with new & previous recordings!