So you’re keen to get in touch with someone at Edge Radio or just want to give us some feedback? No worries. You can use the form below to tell us what you’re after. Keep in mind that we’re completely volunteer run, so it might take us up to a week to respond.

If forms aren’t your thing you can find relevant emails below. However our systems are designed to pick up submissions from the form below quicker than just emailing directly. Another thing to keep in mind. Emailing the Station Coordinator directly is often the least efficient way to get a response as they are the busiest person at Edge Radio and often cannot reply in a timely manner.

Before you pick up the phone or shoot off emails. We are Edge Radio 99.3FM in Hobart Tasmania.


All General Enquiries: [email protected]
SMS or Email the Studio: 0488 811 707 / [email protected]
Station Coordinator: [email protected]
Programs Coordinator: [email protected]
Sponsorship Coordinator: [email protected]
Music Director: [email protected]
Training Coordinator: [email protected]
Committee of Management: [email protected]


Private Bag 41, Hobart 7001


Please be aware that the below emails are your best bet for PR and interviews. If you choose to email your PR and interview requests directly to anyone else at Edge Radio you’re guaranteed to be ignored/unsubscribed/off the Christmas card list. Blanket emails suck and earn you a bad reputation.

General PR: [email protected]
Interview Requests: [email protected]
Music PR & Interviews: [email protected]


​We all need feedback from time to time. If we’re doing something you love why not let us know. Of course Edge Radio isn’t perfect, so why not help us make it better? If there’s something we could be doing better let us know.

Please be aware that we only respond to genuine feedback. We cannot respond to anonymous feedback. Also, if you choose to send us hateful and offensive messages that are discriminating based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability or other grounds, Edge Radio will not hesitate to pass it on to the proper authorities.