Does it Cost Anything to be a Presenter on Edge Radio?
New presenters will need to attend Edge Radio’s Introduction to Radio Broadcasting Course. More details about the course can be found here. If you’ve done a similar course or have relevant qualifications please contact the program manager to discuss the next step.

Before you express your interest in having a program, please make sure you have read through Edge Radio’s Mission Statement and take some time to read the FAQ below. There’s a lot of information to digest in the FAQ. We hope you don’t get scared off. We’ve covered the basics but if you have any questions about the application process you can send an email to [email protected]

Do any presenters get paid at Edge Radio?
No. No one who presents a program on Edge Radio is paid. Everyone who creates radio at Edge is a volunteer sharing their time and passion with the community. Edge Radio does have a small amount of paid staff who administrate, maintain, and facilitate activities at the station, but no one is paid to make radio.

What kind of Programs Does Edge Radio Broadcast?
Edge Radio likes to broadcast all kinds of programming. If it has a youth focus that appeals to our core audience of 15-30 or ‘youth of all ages’, then it could have a home on Edge Radio. To expand on this, Edge Radio has two distinct kinds of programs, general and specialist music.

What Is A General Program?
General programs tend to be during the day and cover many types of programs including, light entertainment, journalistic/news/current affairs, community issues/local content. Applying for a general program means you will be doing a talk based program concentrating on informational content and not music content. You will be expected to stick to Edge Radio’s pre-scheduled music playlist.

What Is A Specialist Music Program?
A specialist music program is what you’d expect, a program that dives deep into a certain area of music, be it a genre, era, or everything in between. Specialist music programs are usually during the evening or night and allow you to have the freedom to pick all the music on your program.

What Length Program Can I Have?
Most programs are one or two hours. We don’t generally allocate more than two hours. There is an option for 30 minute programs. These are in specific timeslots and require further discussion with the Program Coordinator.

Can I Pick The Time And Day My Program Is On?
While you’re able to specify your availabilities during the application process, timeslot allocations are always very tight. While we make every effort to give presenters their requested timeslots you should not pin your hopes on a particular timeslot. Programs are allocated timeslots where we believe they will have an audience. Evening and night timeslots are extremely hard to obtain.

I Want To Do A General Program Where I Pick The Music.
Sorry, the answer will be no. If you think your idea merits further discussion you can always contact the Program Coordinator to state your case.

Can I Do A Talkback Radio Program?
No. Edge Radio does not broadcast any talkback content.

I Want To Do A Program Where I Play Just Cool Music.
We’re sure you have wonderful taste in music, but you’ll have to do better than just wanting to play cool music you like. Your application will need to be very defined and give us a detailed idea of what your music program will be focused on. This helps us decide if your program will have an audience and where it is best placed in the schedule.

The Program I Want To Do Sounds Like One Edge Radio Already Has.
We don’t generally have two programs that cover the same topic. But don’t lose hope. If you’re dead keen to get involved the current presenters might be happy to have you contribute to their program. Just get in touch with the Program Coordinator if this is the case.

If I Do A Specialist Music Program Can I Request Music/CDs?
Edge Radio’s music department is more than happy to help get you music for your program. However station policy does not allow presenters to approach labels/band/PR. If you want any music from a specific place you must request it via the music department. Generally Edge Radio will already have 90% of the new music programs ask for, so chances are you’ll get what you’re after.

If My Application Is Successful What Kind Of Commitment Am I Looking At?
Edge Radio runs a four month rotating programming schedule. What this means is each season runs for about four months before we refresh things. So overall we ask presenters to commit to four months of weekly radio.

What If I Cannot Make It One Week?
We understand that there are times when you cannot manage to make it to your program. Edge Radio has the Airtime Caretaker Policy, which details the procedure when you cannot make a program one week.

Does Edge Radio Syndicate Any Programs?
Yes, we have a small number of programs we take from the Community Radio Network. They are mainly news-based programs. We 100% prefer locally produced programs with local voices, so if you think you’d like a crack at doing the topic of one of our syndicated programs please contact the Program Coordinator.

I Have An Idea For A Program But I’d Like To Talk To Someone Before Submitting An Application.
Sometimes chatting to an Edge Radio staff member can help you flesh out a program idea. We’re always happy to chat with potential new presenters with pockets full of new ideas. Drop by our office for a chat or give us a call on 0362 267273.


We’re always looking to for new an interesting ideas when it comes to programs. But sometimes we know exactly what the airwaves are missing. Below is a list of programs we’re looking to fill, so if you or someone you know might like to help up fill the gaps then by all means get in touch and we’ll get you all trained up and ready to take on the airwaves.

Lunch and Breakfast Presenters

THE PLACE where radio superstars cut there teeth! We are always looking for lunch and breakfast presenters. You’ll get to do a bunch of fun interviews and have free rain to make as many food puns as possible.

Indigenous Program
Edge Radio would like to dedicated program to promote discussion around the issues that affect the first Australians. Ideally we’d love to have a separate current affairs program and an Indigenous music program. However the two may be combined.