School of Rock

Edge Radio is Tasmania’s only youth orientated community radio station, and School of Rock is our tailored Youth training program. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to be involved in media and our in-school and independent training sessions have been specifically designed to allow Tassie youth to share their stories.  

The only requirement is that you are under the age of 26 and heaps keen to learn! 

In-school Training Program:

Thanks to a grant from the Community Broadcasting Federation the training is offered to schools completely free of charge. The training is design to run for an hour over 6-7 weeks but can be flexible to the school’s needs.

The training provides introductory radio skills but also promotes general media knowledge. School of Rock can benefit a range of students including those with learning difficulties or confidence issues as well as providing a safe and supportive space to share diverse views.

The training follows the below schedule:

Week 1- INTRO: Why Radio, industry Context, voice exercises and key radio skills

Week 2– Planning and Presenting a Program: What makes a story, ethics and the law

Week 3– Developing Content: Developing an idea, basic announcing practice, research
Week 4- Interviewing Skills: What makes a good interview, open questions, practice questions
Week 5- Interviewing Skills: Difficult interviews, practice interviews
Week 6- Making a show: Putting it all together, making content to be used for radio
(optional) Week 7 – Edge day: Option to come into the station as a group and present a live show and tour the station. (any travelling fees for this optional session cannot be covered by Edge).

Who can participate?
School of Rock is open to any high school that is interested in the training. Students are generally in years 9-10 but we have adapted and offered the training to younger students in the past. Small groups of up to 10 students are preferable, but we are happy to negotiate based on the school’s needs.

Students interested in: public speaking, media, music, drama, leadership or students who want to build their self-confidence have been found to benefit most from the program. All the training equipment is provided by Edge Radio. Any school classroom can be used for the training, the ability to play audio and slides through a screen is preferred but not required. 

How to get Involved Outside of School:

Are you under 26 and want to get involved independently of your school?
Do you have a passion for radio, like learning new skills and want to get your voice out there? Then Edge radio wants you to join the School of Rock radio program team. School of Rock is Edge’s premier young people’s program made by young people for young people. In fact, you have to be aged under 26 to be a part of the show. School of Rock is broadcast here at Edge every Thursday at 4- 5pm and then rebroadcast all around Australia by our friends at SYN nation on Friday’s at 5pm.

What will I learn?
School of Rock is a great opportunity to learn skills that could help you in a variety of circumstances and careers. You will learn how to present a radio show, how to produce a radio show, how to do an interview and how to engage an audience; all with the guidance of an Edge volunteer who will help you produce your show into some beautiful radio magic. Not a loud person? That is OK, you don’t have to be, and you won’t have to make a show by yourself! School of Rock volunteers work in small team whilst you are learning the ropes so no experience is necessary. All we ask of you is that you are open to having a go! Once you gain more radio confidence you can graduate to other Edge Radio youth programs, so you’ll be given plenty of great opportunities.

What can I talk about?
School of Rock’s content is completely driven by you, so we are open to everything and anything. We want to cover anything you think is important to young people. Here are some general ideas to get you started: books, movies, pop culture, television, music, employment, news, social issues, sports, local events, interviews with interesting people, health, sexuality and gender, social media and cats.  BUT our Edge volunteer will help you to develop ideas!

Questions? To discuss how to get involved in either of these opportunities email the Edge Radio Youth Trainer— Hannah Rogers on: [email protected]

School of Rock Logo and Illustration designed by Megan Blackberry