Naarm/Melbourne-based singer and musician ANGIE MCMAHON has unveiled her highly anticipated second album Light, Dark, Light Again.

A record about going to the darkest places inside yourself, facing your fears, and learning they can serve as a portal to something bigger, brighter and better, Angie McMahon comes undone then heals slowly and strangely on Light, Dark, Light Again. When she felt like her life had been falling apart, she slowed down with intention and started turning to nature: the murmurations of birds, the swaying of trees, movements in the sea, and realised there is much to be learned from the cycles of mother nature. The quiet but transformative revelations she had in this time have been poured into Light, Dark, Light Again, on which McMahon examines her relationship with self, and the journey to becoming okay with whoever she is, and whatever the future holds. “This is the space where everything is allowed to fall apart. Mother nature and her rhythms have been teaching me acceptance, that everything comes up to go down again,” McMahon shares.

The quiet poetry of McMahon’s lyrics across Light, Dark, Light Again will serve as a buoy to anyone facing their own fear, empowering and encouraging them to harness it as they move forward. 
Light, Dark, Light Again was recorded slowly and purposefully across a year between Angie McMahon’s home city of Naarm/Melbourne with Alex O’Gorman and Bonnie Knight, and the North Carolina town of Durham. In the latter – where the majority of the album’s tracks came together – McMahon worked alongside esteemed Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Waxahatchee, Snail Mail) and her studio band – Bon Iver drummer Matt McCaughan, Canadian singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk and Megafaun musician Phil Cook. The chance to travel abroad and collaborate with artists whose work she so admires felt like a dream come true for McMahon. She also found being free from a set timeline, able to go slow and trust the timing of the universe was a liberator – getting to take her songs across the world and create with friends new and old helped make them more expansive, more real and more resonant.

Light, Dark, Light Again sees Angie McMahon step out from her shadows to present an expansive, cinematic universe that brings light to all the best and most challenging parts of herself. 

Release: October 27th, 2023, AWAL

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