Australian musician and frog enthusiast Asha Jefferies (she/her) has released her debut album EGO RIDE, a collection of ten songs filled to the brim with deep feelings of longing and courage as she navigates her experiences of queerness.

Out through Nettwerk Music Group, EGO RIDE is a self portrait of the songwriter in motion. “I think travel and transit are so transformative,” she says. “When I listen to music, I’m not still – I’m walking, or I’m driving.” Like filmmaker Greta Gerwig – forcing the camera to keep pace as she dances along New York City streets in Frances Ha – Jefferies harnesses the momentum of kinetic energy to move from scene to scene, to recover from her stumbles quickly. “It feels like I’m always writing about getting from one place to another.”

At 24, she displays an uncharacteristically lucid sense of self-awareness. “Looking back, I realised that a lot of the narratives throughout the album are tied to my ego – whether that’s moments where I felt on top of the world or totally crumbled.”

Created in collaboration with Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack, the album will speak to an audience of deeply-feeling listeners searching for the courage to take a step of faith, without knowing where it will lead. Across the album’s ten tracks, Jefferies revisits two years of words and actions on loop – choices to speak or to stay silent, moments of stepping into or retreating from change.

Jefferies has travelled beyond the boundaries of a past life. Her tiny world continues to spin, offering itself to her imagination and to her body, wherever it would like to take her.

Release: April 12th, 2024, Nettwerk Music Group