Born Bartees Leon Cox Jr. in Ipswich, England to a military father and opera-singer mother, Bartees Strange had a peripatetic early childhood before eventually settling in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Later, Bartees cut his teeth playing in hardcore bands in Washington D.C. and Brooklyn whilst working in the Barack Obama administration and (eventually) the environmental movement.

Since charting a path as a solo artist, Bartees Strange has released two records in quick succession: an EP reimagining songs by The National (‘Say Goodbye To Pretty Boy, 2020’) and his debut album proper Live Forever (2020).

Bartees Strange has now released his long-awaited second album Farm To Table. Where his 2020 debut record Live Forever introduced the experiences and places that shaped Bartees, Farm 
to Table zeros in on the people – specifically his family – and those closest to him on his journey so far. With his career firmly on the ascent, Farm to Table examines Bartees’ constantly shapeshifting relationship with life post-Live Forever. 

It also speaks to a deeper lore that says, don’t forget where you came from. Always remembering his origins, across these 10 songs Bartees is celebrating the past, moving towards the future, and fully appreciating the present.

Release: June 17, 2022, 4AD/Remote Control