Following feverish anticipation, release day has arrived for Body Type’s debut album, Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising. In the wake of back-to-back tours and releases, Sophie McComish, Annabel Blackman, Cecil Coleman, and Georgia Wilkinson-Derums regrouped in early 2020, to record their debut album in eight days – shortly before they would become separated by the pandemic. Recorded and mastered by Jonathan Boulet, and entirely self-funded, the album is exultant, effusive, playful, cutting, and maybe most significantly, incandescent in its fury.

Born from a desire to bottle their restlessness that rose in wake of stifled creativity, the band reveal, “We were coming out of a period that felt quite suffocating and restrictive. We just kind of regrouped and re-energised and did it ourselves” says Sophie.  Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising sees the dawn of a new world for Body Type, regenerated through their sound, live show and sense of selves.

Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising is all about yanking back control, embracing abandon and purging despair, told through a boiling rock-punk hybrid.

Across their album, Sophie, Annabel and Georgia continue to share singing duties, however, the group has never sounded so gleefully unruly. Regenerated through their sound and sense of selves, the record is reflective of the bands extensive live show resume, with each rehearsal, soundcheck, support slot, tour, and headline show flecked throughout.

What makes Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising such a thrilling debut is its ability to experiment without forfeiting indelible hooks. Across rollicking guitar chords and cathartic choruses, Body Type remain calm but sour, oozing with an inherent, subtle, ‘don’t fuck with us’ cool that’s plainly understood without uttering a word. Break-up songs are coated in understated humour, unsolicited advice thrown away, and rage takes strange, new shapes. Simply put, with Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising, Body Type deliver.

Release: May 20, 2022, Poison City Records