Meanjin/Brisbane-based band First Beige have shared their long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut album Doplar.

The record marks a triumphant moment for a band who have continually won over adoring audiences with their high-energy and euphoric live sets. While distilling this essence on their debut record, Doplar expands the world around First Beige even further, dipping into various flavours of sparkling jazzy house, cosmic funk and slinky, extended synth jams.

Speaking on the record, First Beige say: “Doplar feels like quite an expansive record in terms of songwriting and also lyrically. We never intended to go into the recording process with a super strong concept for the album as a whole. We were guided by the process, trusting in our ways of working and our taste to keep the music cohesive. We knew it had to be a very dynamic record. What we’ve learned from playing shows is that energy is everything and we like to keep things fresh and moving all the time; not only for the audience but for our own morale as a band.

They continue: “We’d been putting out EPs and singles for quite a while and when COVID hit we were fortunate to have this new found time to really hone in creatively. The album felt like the next step. It was very freeing. We didn’t have any time constraints and left ourselves open to new ideas and collaborating with one another. Aside from a few drum sessions with fellow Brisbane jazzyhouse representative, Sampology, everything was recorded and mixed in house, so the whole thing was a huge learning experience in that regard as well.

First Beige draws upon jazzy colours, textural synth layers and interwoven vocal harmonies backed by driving house rhythms. The infectious live act presents listeners with an ever-evolving set comprised of extended improvised sections and high energy grooves. The six-piece have continued to solidify themselves as one of the most eclectic, transportive and vibrant live acts to come out of Brisbane in recent years, with a monumental Bigsound set in 2019 and supports alongside Mildlife, Harvey Sutherland and Winston Surfshirt.

Release: May 6th, 2022, Independent