Painting of My Time is the compelling second album from Naarm/Melbourne band Floodlights.

Painting of My Time encapsulates the sonic and personal progression of the group, masterfully showcasing the signature, evocative lyricism that the band is known for. It’s a journey of observations, reshaping views and identity, elaborating on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism. Taking their form from scrawled poetic prose, Floodlights’ lyrics are honest. Lyricists Ashlee Kehoe and Louis Parsons write expressively and with purpose. Words mature into melodies and grow into songs that encapsulate a feeling. Stories that can’t be spoken without the allure the sum of each of its parts offer.

“One of the greatest joys of writing is harnessing the transition from a lyrical idea, to a fully formed composition that reflects the feelings you had when you wrote the lyrics”, says Kehoe.

Painting of My Time conjures the rawness of rock ‘n’ roll through a soundscape of dynamic post-punk and art rock, whilst introducing trumpet, grand piano, violin and synth to the equation. A marked progression and musicality resulting in a sound rich in emotion.

Off the back of an extensive touring schedule, Floodlights have developed an organic nuance to their live shows. An experience tailored to each audience through extensions and interludes. A sense of storytelling that flows naturally from songwriting to the resonating finale of their live performances. Accompanied on stage by vocalist, trumpeter, and pianist, Sarah Hellyer, Floodlights push to the edges of their new sound.

Painting of My Time marks a natural departure and arrival. An evolution as a group, and as individuals, fuelled by life’s singular and shared experience. A response to questions asked over time, written down, and yelled with the conviction of honesty. 

Release: April 21, 2023, Virgin Music Australia

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