The solo project of Byron Region artist Gemma Owens, GIMMY brings her own eccentric brand of indie-rock, with sways of surf, garage, post-punk, new-wave and glimpses of folk. Alongside her band consisting of Samson Radici (guitar), Kyle Aubrey (bass) and Barclay Israel (drums), GIMMY delivers a raw and authentic sound that is heavily focused around Owens’ lyricism and storytelling, delivered with her powerful, vibrato vocals. In a live setting, the band captivates crowds with their charismatic, energetic and mesmerising performances.

“My music is a representation of my raw expression in all its diverse forms — it allows all the different shades of my inner world to be expressed into the outer world. My songs are like messages to myself and portray my thought processes of different worldly topics.”

GIMMY’s highly anticipated debut album, Things Look Different Now is the epitome of what a debut record is all about; a collection of songs that showcases just how far GIMMY has come and how much things have changed — both in her life and musically — since Gemma Owens first launched her solo endeavour back in 2020. The album is soaked in 80s and 90s nostalgia, with the band bringing together an eclectic collection of songs that weaves surf, garage and indie rock, post-punk, new-wave and folk together, through GIMMY’s stunning voice and Australian charm. Even with its musical diversity, the band’s debut is above all, an emotional, thought inducing record, full of feelings presented with honesty and humour that is impossible not to enjoy from start to finish.

The rock songs on the album perfectly capture the raw live energy of the band, giving listeners a feeling of being at a GIMMY gig, sweaty and rubbing shoulders in front of stage, while the more intimate songs sound as though you’re in Owens’ very own bedroom, being serenaded. Gemma Owens’ powerful and dynamic vocals sit front and centre on the record, demanding your attention like Julia Jacklin, Angel Olsen, Big Thief and Stella Donnelly, while her eccentric delivery could be likened to 80s icons, David Byrne and Ian Curtis.

Over the album’s 12 tracks, Owens’ explores her own ideas and experiences of change, through themes dealing with relationships, ageing, life phases, self-empowerment, grief and memories. Speaking about the album’s title and the concept behind it, Gemma Owens says; “the track itself [Things Look Different Now] was the last song to be created on this record, which came so beautifully because it kind of summarised the whole album. The 12 tracks on this album are mainly all about change — internally and physically in a life setting. It’s kind of a nostalgic meaning to me of how quickly life moves along, relationships, age, phase of life, memories.”

The songs were mostly written by Gemma Owens throughout 2021-2023 as she explains; “being quite a personal process to me, most of the songs were written in my own space. The entire album was written over 2-3 years with most tracks demoed at home, then brought to the band’s ear to add their twist. Other songs were curated together through an improv jam setting.”

Recorded and mixed by Sam Joseph (King Gizzard, Babe Rainbow, Baby Cool) between his cabin studio in Byron hinterland and Gemma’s 1920’s style house in Mullumbimby, throughout 2022/23, the experience was wholesome and relaxed, allowing the songs to pour out naturally and allowing room for experimentation and jam sessions. Speaking about the recording experience, Owens says; “It was really grounding being able to get a cold tinnie and make snacks for everyone from my own kitchen. Our band is a newish group but it’s been super special recording this album and collaborating in the creation of this record. Each individual style and tone of the four piece really works well together and has brought the sound into its own unique place. It was so nice to lay down all of our parts and sit back as a team and listen to what we have created all together.”

Release: May 31st, 2024, Third Eye Stimuli Records