Boorloo/Perth-based indie-folk band Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks have unveiled their alt-country debut album, the nighttime, the wind, the crocodile – produced by lead vocalist Jack Davies, and Broderick Madden Scott.

the nighttime, the wind, the crocodile is an inviting 11-track amalgamation of nostalgia, mellifluous vocal layers and vintage-filtered instruments. Creating an artful balance between tradition and modern folk, the collection gracefully blankets each track in a sepia-toned haze, seamlessly intertwining threads of the past with the present.

Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks talk about the inspiration behind the album: “the nighttime, the wind, the crocodile is set in a nighttime scene. A crocodile descends from the sky like an apocalyptic cartoon, hungry for guts. The listener sits below, hands over their ears and their eyes closed. The trees sway, the moon watches. I think the idea of the album is to open your eyes in that scene and witness the crocodile. To remember that morning is around the corner, and darkness around the next. To attempt to keep looking long enough to see the colours shift, the crocodile disappear; reappear; and find beauty in the never-ending psychedelic whirl of fears and changes that we are plunged into as thinking, feeling human beings.”

Release: February 1st, 2024, Independent