Moody indie rockers Library Siesta have returned with their second full-length album What You’re Worth. Almost seven years in the making, the album explores the fragility of self-worth: how it can be shaped by the way others treat us, unintentionally distorted by putting someone else on a pedestal, or worn down over time by holding onto guilt for too long. It’s gutsy – at times confronting – and intricate; weaving in recurring imagery and musical motifs to create a sense of cohesion across the 11 tracks. 

Band member Bre Jones says, “We wanted to give people a reason to listen to these songs together, to feel like each one was a chapter in a larger story.”

The songs were written and continually reworked during weekly rehearsals over a six year period. During this time, Library Siesta’s five members remained committed to the project despite numerous challenges, including financial barriers to recording, a two year overseas relocation for one of the members, and navigating the pandemic as a band led by an immunocompromised frontwoman. 

“I was broke most of the time we were writing this album. At my lowest, I was living off $30 a week after rent and was unable to play shows regularly because of my health. We were stuck because recording in a studio was financially out of reach but a DIY job wasn’t the answer either: we didn’t have the engineering skills to do the songs justice and I was too stubborn to compromise on my artistic vision. Time was the only resource we had available to us, so we just worked on these songs over and over again for six years, not knowing if, when or how this record was going to be made.” – Bre Jones

In April last year, Library Siesta were awarded the Sound On grant by Accessible Arts, with the support of Create NSW. The funds enabled the band to bring on board producer Ryan K Brennan (Julia Jacklin, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard), whose origins as a live sound engineer helped to bring the album to life, capturing a rawness well-matched for the weight of the stories told within the album. It’s an incredibly well crafted record – one that almost didn’t happen – with something new to discover on each listen.

Release: August 19th, 2022, Off The List Records