Post-punk Tasmanian three-piece Liquid Nails have been a thing since 2019. Subtract two years of global pandemic and you could say, along with the glacial pace of offshore pressing and shipping, that they have banged out their debut EP in a very timely fashion!

The 12 inch, 45RPM (in true punk tradition) self-titled album delivers 10 blistering tracks that authentically replicate the band’s explosive and energetic live performances at pubs and clubs in their hometown of nipaluna/Hobart.

Arranged around the principal song-writer Trent Thomas’ overdriven guitar riffage and Tas-centric lyrics, and grounded by the tight muscular rhythm section of Dave Holmes and Keith Churchill, Liquid Nails are original, high strength, fast grab, heavy duty, poignant, and even danceable.

Release: August 6, 2022, Cubbyhouse Records