Your Tasmanian best mates are back with their sixth studio album; one that thrums with renewed energy and verve; a fiery blast from a band refreshed, renewed, and better than ever. Best suited to bandrooms, backyards, and bloody good times.

It’s often said that there’s something magical about Tasmania. And true, too, is that there’s something magical about Luca Brasi. They’re a marvel of an act – always humble, not an ego among them, as comfortable in amongst the crowd as they are in front of it. And yet, they’re able to capture and harness something big, grand, and inspiring. Something spiritual, almost. Something that binds us all together in pumping fists and sweaty hugs. In their embrace we are brothers and sisters, all. Lightning in a bottle, they’ve got. And there ain’t no-bloody-one better to be holding it. 

This band of mates, formed in the pristine yet rugged surrounds of Tasmania’s oft unforgiving east coast, has long been on a journey. From 2011’s raucous Extended Family debut that grabbed everyone by the scruff and hauled them into a party that was already well underway, to 2021’s Everything Is Tenuous, that displayed a more matured, slowed down reflection on love, growing up, and getting older.

And now with The World Don’t Owe You Anything, the group’s sixth studio album, Luca Brasi gives us everything they’ve got. The riffs are desperate, fast, and are aching to be heard. The songwriting takes us on a journey of introspection and self-reflection and throws it up against a bombastic, urgent backing track that harkens back to the group’s salad days. The result is a collection of songs that beg the sky-flung fists and beer showers of bandrooms across the country to come with it.

Engineered by the group’s own Pat Marshall and produced by the band in collaboration with Ben Stewart at the esteemed facilities of Pudding’s House of Flavour and Banana Pig Studios, The World Don’t Owe You Anything is that rare gem of a band fully embracing every piece of who they are and where they’ve come from to form something that feels newer, more vital, and more vibrant than ever.

TWDOYA is as much a reflection on the bumps and knocks that life throws at us as it is a triumphant ode to declaring to hell with that and persevering. It’s all heart. It’s fire, spirit, will and determination. It’s the passionate, weary coach yelling at us through his guts that it may be three-quarter time and we might be four goals down, but we’ve come too far, and we’ve done too much, to let it all go now. Slow it down. Pick yourself up. Keep fighting. Keep moving forward. The world don’t owe us anything, and be damned if we’re gonna let it stop us now. What do we eat? Seaweed. How do we eat it? Raw. Will we win? We’ll shit it in.

Battle-tested. Road-hardened. Still standing. And ready to begin again.
This is Luca Brasi. This is The World Don’t Owe You Anything.

Release: September 29th, 2023, Cooking Vinyl Australia

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