Maddy Jane’s gift: cutting through the bullshit and telling it how it is. She credits this special ability to her small-town upbringing – growing up on Bruny Island, off the wild and unforgiving coast of Tasmania: an island, off an island, off an island. Population: 600. It’s here surrounded by sheer cliff faces that drop into the Tasman Sea, where Maddy honed her self-deprecating humour, where she inherited her mum’s love of classic Aussie pub rock and where she wrote her first song (which was just a list of words, ‘The bees and the trees and the trucks and the cars’).

The Island Time EP is a raw and poetic collection of songs that shares Maddy’s journey returning to her home on Bruny Island for the last few years, highlighting the irony, dark humour and the slight sense of fear that comes with ending up exactly where you started. “Coming to Bruny has forced me to go back to what is truly me and to understand what’s truly important,” she explains.

Release: June 17th, 2022, Lemon Tree Music