Naarm/Melbourne digi-punks Metdog have unleashed their latest album Questions and Answers Regarding Computers and Screens. This frenetic new release from Metdog turns an eye toward the electric eye, appraising the absurdity of the digital age and dismantling the circuitry of usage in the deeply philosophical yet sardonic Metdog fashion. Reeking of the mundanity of device use and bursting with social ruminations, Metdog are on fire and on point with this eclectic new offering.

Questions and Answers Regarding Computers and Screens is the first Metdog record to feature live drums, with production steered collaboratively between the 4-piece and guitar pop master Tom Pleasance of Dog Door. This is breaking new ground for the band, yet we still get the same consistently quirky and high-energy sonics we have come to know and love from Metdog. 

Metdog have established themselves as formidable stalwarts of the Naarm/Melbourne scene since 2017 with their angular-punk sound featuring stupefying synthesis and sampling work, slinky guitars and tight rhythms, all given heft by their witty lyrical style, delivered with untempered frankness. Metdog channels the energy of garage/rock classics The Saints, ACDC and Nirvana, delivering it in a package as intriguing as sonic innovators like Devo or Talking Heads.

Release: January 18, 2024, Critter Records