Eora-based multidisciplinary artist MUNGMUNG has unveiled her debut album Boujee Bby, out independently via OOMA Records and complete with special features from 1300 and BOY SODA.

Boujee Bby is a balance of ultra-soft and vigorous, a balance that seamlessly straddles warm R&B with energetic hip hop. Speaking to the album’s process, MUNGMUNG shares “It’s an extension of what listeners know of me so far. I have songs on here that I wrote when I was 16 to 18 in addition to a few newer ones from half a year ago. I was inspired by certain situations and true emotions or thoughts I’d had. I hope that listeners feel something… Or wanna jump around their bedrooms singing at the top of their lungs. I hope they feel like Boujee Bbies by the end of track 15. If there’s any type of connection, I’m here for it.”

Presenting an eclectic collection of tracks housed in a multifaceted approach that brims with confidence, Boujee Bby is a wild ride through sound and beyond. Self-assured and full of personality, Boujee Bby is MUNGMUNG at her heightened self and teems with authenticity as an extension of her art.

Having ushered in 2023 with a new realm of authentic creativity, MUNGMUNG sends tremors through her bold aesthetic reminiscent of early-2000s, powerful vocals, and infectious melodies that are anchored in the sonics of hip hop and R&B, augmented with her take on soulful melodies and clever lyrics that linger.

Release: June 16, 2023, Independent/OOMA Records