Packed with metaphors and poetic daily observations; Obscura Hail’s new album Playing Dead has arrived.

Helmed by Sean Conran, the trio’s second album is mature in content and playful in delivery and took two years to create, with foundations of sounds and ideas laid some eight or nine years earlier. Not losing sight of Obscura Hail’s purpose to externalise memory for the sake of preservation, Playing Dead‘s 14 tracks wore born out of Conran’s traditional indie song writing style – a nightly ritual of writing and recording to give closure to anxious thoughts of mortality and ontology through ad-hoc means. 

Following a theme of self-discovery and introspection the omnibus explores the highs and lows of modern life and death. It is an account of real and imagined scenarios shaped by overarching themes of bold optimism, irrational fear, and mischievous boredom. Morphing through various iterations, the album attempts to combine unfinished lyrics and old demos with new creature features conjured up in collaboration with Tamara Issa (bass/vocals) and Kaelan Emond (drums/percussion).

Introducing title-track ‘Playing Dead’, Conran shares “It sums up the inspiration behind most of these songs on the album. It’s a simulation of trauma to strengthen empathy. Trying to understand what we mean to other people, and to remind ourselves not to take others for granted.” Musically, the trio combine their signature biting guitars, dual vocals, beautiful harmonies, atmospheric percussion, loops and drum machines to deliver something dynamic and existentially curated. 

Release: March 1st, 2024, Dot Dash/Remote Control