Porpoise Spit have built an audience in Melbourne and increasingly around Australia playing shows with peers such as Cash Savage, Cable Ties and Press Club; the group’s roots are in the punk scene, yet the songs also bring to mind the likes of Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen.

Porpoise Spit generates a stirring brand of rock that merges heartfelt ballads, raucous energy, thrashing guitars and a socially progressive punk spirit. With a live show that is as electric as it is galvanizing, 2023 is fast becoming the year of the Porpoise, who have just released their long-awaited debut album, Don’t Quit.

On recent single, ‘Flat Coins’, Porpoise Spit’s Elly Hewitt says: “’Flat Coins’ was written as a reaction to the monotony of lockdown in a tiny, cold spare room in Coburg. I was reflecting on other periods of my life where I had experienced intense boredom and aimlessness and nothing felt more analogous the lazy, listful days of summer as a teenager roaming the streets of Melbourne, with little better to do than to watch coins warp as trains rushed over them.

The song also explores navigating the world as a teenage girl, how people try to take advantage of young women and the lengths we have to go to to push down our feelings to “get on with it”. ‘Flat Coins’ is a reflective, storytelling rock song pushing against the idea that “we get what we deserve”.”

Porpoise Spit came bursting out of the gates earlier this year with first taste from the album, ‘People Like Me’, a thumping challenge to the status quo with frenetic guitars, ethereal vocals and the iconic thundering crash home that we have come to expect from the ‘Spit. ‘People Like Me’ follows Mill O’Sullivan’s plaguing self doubt in a time of transition and “is a powerful NO to systems that expect you to conform. Holding flags high for the people who choose to inhabit the spaces in between, ‘People Like Me’ is for anyone who has had to explain themselves for simply being who they are.”

Porpoise Spit’s debut LP Don’t Quit was recorded by Vince McIntyre at Taste Police Studios throughout the lockdowns from 2020-2022, and mastered by Guy Faletolu.

Release: October 13th, 2023, Psychic Hysteria

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