There’s crystalline space and air in Pretty in Pink’s minimalist post-punk compositions. Lyrical evocations of the sky, stars, flying in aeroplanes, and the soft imagery of socks and pillows contrast brutally with the heavy subjects beautifully dealt with throughout the album. ‘Pillows’ is soft and painful, hard and sweet, heavy and light as air – and reminds you that while your feet may be in the gutter, your head is floating in the clouds.

Pretty in Pink is Claire McCarthy (guitar/vocals), Lauren Mason (guitar) and Elliot Taylor (bass/drums). The band is named after the 1986 film, in which Andie is a highschool outcast hanging at the record store. In the final scene, Andie utters, “I just wanna let them know that they didn’t break me.” Like the movie, PIP captures a euphoric nostalgia for being an outsider among friends; the romantic allure of standing apart, of having to make your own scene.

Claire recorded and mixed PIP’s first album of lo-fi pop tracks in her bedroom during the pandemic (Eternal Soundcheck 2021). PIP’s latest work was made with Lauren and Elliot. The album was recorded at Head Gap studio by Finn Keane.

Release: September 1st, 2023, Little Lunch Records

Pretty in Pink play two shows in nipaluna/Hobart this Saturday September the 9th, one on the MONA lawns, and one as part of the Hobart + Music = Yeah festival at Simple Cider.