South African-Australian songwriter Ruby Gill has shared her beautifully sculpted debut album, I’m gonna die with this frown on my face, a 12-track album brimming with the self-deprecating humour that is quickly becoming Ruby’s trademark, including recent single I Forgot To Be Profound Today, a song that she describes as being a “small act of defiance against a job that makes me tired and a world that I never feel truly interesting enough for”.

Laced with critique and catharsis against corporations, Australia’s border security policies and a more general exploration of loss, birds and learning to breathe, Ruby’s debut album is one that completely stops you in your tracks – inviting you to come closer and uncover something new with every listen.

Raised in a forest in South Africa, Ruby now resides in Melbourne, where she spends her time working as a ghostwriter and ticking off every new bird species she encounters. Her humorous, matter-of-fact lyricism – reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell or Fiona Apple – and her ability to express acute social and personal observations in her work is laid bare on I’m gonna die with this frown on my face. Exuding a minimalistic feel that’s warm and intimate, with dashings of humour peppered throughout, Ruby’s debut is powerfully endearing.

Release: September 2nd, 2022, Independent