Since their single ‘Egg’ was released in 2009 featuring a film clip by animator Felix Colgrave (Nicki Minaj, Cypress Hill, Childish Gambino), Shoe’s popularity has continued to grow in the weirdest corners of the internet. After a brief/eight-year hiatus the group eventually dragged itself out of the mud and sticks where it had been enjoying its retirement and rejoined the world in 2019. Since then Shoe has released a string of new material including an album, including their most recent offering, the album Dooom.

Those weird, dank corners of the internet are going wild for more Shoe, who have a lot to say, but no lips.

Shoe are Bart, Shawn and Luis.

Alex O’Gorman: production, engineering, mixing, a bit of guitar/bass/tambo
Jethro Pickett: recording, engineering
Andrei Eremin: mastering

Release: September 8th, 2023, Independent