Summer Flake is a guitar-driven harmony-laden three-piece band based in Naarm/ Melbourne, lead by Steph Crase (Skid City, Batrider) on vocals and guitar, with Joel Carey (Peak Twins) on drums, and fresh face Perry Mahoney (The Shifters, Civil Union) on bass.

With three albums, four EPs and countless singles spanning a decade already under her belt, Crase has cultivated a loyal following, crafting perfectly measured lo-fi pop-rock gems, shot through with idiosyncratic guitar riffs and soft vocal harmonies, evoking both the 90s indie-rock underground and wistful nostalgic pop-balladry.

On their latest album One Less Thing the band pushes further into unexplored aural territory, with 10 songs that variously whisper and roar. Summer Flake have sculpted an album that spans across a unique sonic spectrum, with each track fitting beautifully in its own world, hinting at what this new record could bring.

Steph Crase says: “I wrote these songs across a pretty dynamic year, and they bounce around in style and pace across a variety of themes, ideas and influences, but as a collection, the album is very firmly tethered together by the way Joel, Perry and I work as a crew. Also, I was extremely meticulous and punishing during mixing and track sequencing, and I think the end result is the best and most Summer Flake-y album yet! Have at it.” 

Release: February 24, 2023, Rice Is Nice Records

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