The S-ft F-cus is the solo passion project and dream realized of US based Aussie indie rock veteran Danny Lee Allen. Lousy w’ Love is Allen’s debut solo release.

In the classic tradition of lo-fi bedroom maestros he adores like R. Stevie Moore, Robert Pollard, Martin Newell and more recently, (Sandy) Alex G, this, Danny’s debut solo EP, was written, played, recorded, produced and mixed by Danny Lee Allen himself, at homes he has lived in over the years in LA, Brooklyn, Jersey City and finally Miami, where he is now based. 

Lousy w’ Love, delivers 6 typically earnest slacker-anthems, offering declarations of love in a variety of forms – unrequited love, love for a newborn child and the intensity of love for a cherished friend whose life ended way too soon. Lousy w’ Love is dedicated to 6 people in Danny‘s life that knew of the mini-album’s genesis yet sadly didn’t live to see its completion, elevating an already personal project to profound levels. 

Allen says of the mini-album’s title and its running theme of love – “The title is Lousy with Love, which initially sounds like a reference to ‘one who is bad at love’ but it’s actually used in the sense of abundance. It actually comes from lousy hair (as in having lice) which makes it even funnier to me. To have so much love surround you, you’re practically infected with it.
“The more I talk about this record, the more I’m realising loss plays almost an equal role to love. ‘The Divine Love’ is about unresolved love and ‘Salt and the Sea’ is about my friend that passed. Also with my Mum passing before I could play it to her (and consequently the first single release being on her birthday), that unintentionally becomes a part of the whole release, which I think is quite beautiful. Finding beautiful light in the darkness.” 

Release: March 11, 2022, Independent
Words: Brain Drain PR