sonder: n. the realisation that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own – populated with their own ambitions, friends, routine and worries… Millions of stories happening around you simultaneously, in which you only appear as an extra, sipping coffee or crossing the street.

Serving up their distinctive brand of emotive rock loaded with anthemic punk flourishes and a dash of existential angst, beloved lutruwita/Tasmania-based outfit The Sleepyheads have unleashed their highly-anticipated debut album Something To Balance The Sonder.

Delivering a raw, high-powered 10-track experience packed with thought-provoking lyrics, tumultuous riffs and melodic twists and turns, Something To Balance The Sonder aims to bring some relief to the existential dread we’ve all felt at some point.

“This record represents seven years of raw, inward, self-analysing writing, three years of recording (and re-recording), and the overall experience of being a band while living in lutruwita/Tasmania,” says vocalist and guitarist Pat Broxton.

“These songs are all very personal and definitely feel like Sleepyheads songs, but it also feels like we’ve delved into new territory as far as the songwriting goes.”

Since forming in Launceston in 2016, The Sleepyheads (Pat Broxton / Vocalist & Guitarist, Cam Locke / Bassist, Sean Zolnierczak / Drums, Dan Barton / Guitarist) have become a force to be reckoned with in the Australian indie punk scene, with their honest approach to creating relatable sonic experiences that pack a powerful punk-rock punch.

Now, with the eagerly-awaited arrival of their debut album, The Sleepyheads are showcasing an epic culmination of their most recent works, taking us on a transformative journey through existentialism and into irresistible punk-rock splendour.

Recorded and engineered by Tarik Stoneman, with mixing assistance from Anton Hagop and mastering by George Georgiadis at Little Wing Sound, ‘Something To Balance The Sonder’ is an ode to The Sleepyheads’ home of lutruwita/Tasmania, where the band find continued inspiration and support for their music.

“We’d like to give a shout out to our family and friends in the Tasmanian music community. We are so lucky to have the amount of talent that we do in our little state, and it always helps to inspire and push ourselves to be better.”

Release: July 20, 2022, Independent