Some things in this life feel cosmically predetermined. The meeting of The Vovos is one such star-crossed event. Forming at one of the first Girls Rock! Melbourne Camps in 2017, the five piece are known and loved for their punk bitch attitude and DIY ethos. Coming from varied musical backgrounds, Ada Duffy, Ruby Ayliffe, Lu Galante, Bethany Feik and Mika James didn’t take long to realise their compatibility and found common ground writing their first songs together in Beth’s front room. Their music is a perfect combination of bold, assertive, and bratty: sounding as though it would be equally at home on an indie coming-of-age film as it would be on the main stage of the Big Day Out 1999.

As young underage female musicians, the bands’ first two early EPs  – Constructive Criticism (recorded with Anna Laverty) and An Ode to my Beloved, and debut album ‘Jana’ reflect the struggles of teenagehood and the importance of inclusivity as well as a love of chickens, carnivorous plants and two minute noodles. As the band developed, other more interpersonal themes emerged with a focus on relationships and community, inspired by the music scene they grew up in.

They now bring you their sophomore album Lilla Gubben. This incredible, fun album, with production by Jon Grace (Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Dear Seattle) showcases both the the band’s talent and live energy, as well as underpinning the album’s underlying story:

If Lilla Gubben wills it, you and all your best friends will accidentally cast an eleven song spell and have to run away to a meeting with the moon. Delving into all the stages of love, friendship and heartbreak, Lilla Gubben is the sophomore creation of five soul bonded heart broken girls. This album invokes the spirit of Horse. Lilla Gubben is a little old man with a crystal ball, she will read your mind and tell you exactly what you need to do next. If Lilla Gubben wills it.

Release: March 1st, 2024, Blossom Rot Records