The long awaited debut from the reluctant soloist arrives 3 years in the making – in between completing a post-grad law degree, the closure of acclaimed project No Mono and working as a researcher for the NT Treaty Commission. Grappling with feelings of fear, shame, and sadness, in having no outlet and the prospect of rebuilding, Tom finally let go and re-imagined his artistic make-up. Renewed, excited and eager to collaborate Tom reconnected with #1 Dads’ Tom Iansek alongside Megan Washington, Simon Lam (Armlock, Kllo), Alistair Wright (Cloud Control, Vlossom), Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, Arse), Pip Norman (Baker Boy, Mia Wray) and leading composer/pianist Luke Howard, who each contribute across the album. 

In his own words, “I wrote songs about that process of starting over; of reimaging and reconnecting, and stepping into the unknown to find new life and new special things. Lonely Tree is a story about that process. It’s about hope and peace and for me is a celebration of being brave, of friendship and discovery, and of the persistent love of making music and of expressing stories with my voice.”  

In the past, Snowdon’s work has centred on hazy atmospheres, and in expressing emotions via metaphors of elemental forces – water, ice, air and light. His affinity with nature is still present on Lonely Tree, but here we see Snowdon navigating his ruminations and desires in a more direct way, offering glimpses into a more personal story. With one eye on the past, and another on the “what could have been”, he yearns for a stabilising hand to keep him present and hopeful in the here and now. Across its nine songs Lonely Tree is an exploration of loss and hope, of things ending and new things beginning. Led by Snowdon’s famously haunting voice, the album is a journey into a dream-like world of the intangible, and one of deeply personal reflection.

Release: February 9th, 2024, Pieater