TORRES – the recording project of New York artist Mackenzie Scott — presents her new album, What an enormous room, out on Merge Records.

TORRES’ career spans a decade, six studio albums, countless one-offs, tours, articles, and conversations, each marked by a dedication to creation that treats the ongoing act itself with as much preciousness as what is left in the record. This latest record, What an enormous room, was recorded at Stadium Heights Sound in North Carolina and follows the release of her celebrated 2021 album, Thirstier. Alongside production work from Scott and Sarah Jaffe, What an enormous room, was engineered by Ryan Pickett, mixed in Bristol by TJ Allen, and mastered by indie stalwart Heba Kadry. Each of the album’s ten songs was written by Scott, who plays guitar, bass, synths, organ, piano, and programmed drums, with Jaffe and Allen also contributing to various instrumentation.

To quote Julien Baker, who penned the album’s bio, “What I can say about TORRES is I think the music comes from a convicted place. […] it’s just incredibly good music to listen to.” Baker continues, writing, “If TORRES’ music gets weird, gets brainy, gets funny, gets defiant, provokes, deliberately scandalizes, employs the crass to undermine the austere, courts lofty philosophical truth — it’s all done with the conviction of an artist with the (essential) belief in the worth of their task.”

Release: January 26th, 2024, Merge Records

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