Hey rockstar!

It’s a big bad beautiful world out there, but you’re in for a special treat with this tribute to the one and only Peter Charles Macpherson, aka Peter Pit.

Contributions come from across the country, and – from Warner Smith Bancroft’s perfect bottling of fizzy Pits spirit on opener ‘Babyface’, to Comrad Xero demanding from atop the podium that you send her a rainbow, to Nerve Channel’s driving deconstruction of ‘Underwater Watch’ (which sounds like the collective uprising of all of Oz’s un-recycled e-waste) – there are really too many highlights to pin down.

Apart from 208L Containers’ sluggish attempt at ‘One Friend’, which adds nothing to the original, you can feel the gratitude and affection for Pete in every cover. And, hey, we get all the weathers here!

Decades and decades after forming The Pits and fostering bands like Tangled Shoelaces in meanjin/Brisbane, Pete continues to be a warm and invaluable presence across Oz DIY music communities – currently nipaluna/Hobart.

Whether it’s filming hundreds of sets at the Brisbane Hotel; releasing the work of contributors here like Greg Charles and Liquid Nails on his own Cubbyhouse Records; inviting bands to rehearse and record in his Glenorchy home studio; stepping up to organise gigs at the Polish Club with Louie by his side; or, especially, writing the songs covered here, there are so many reasons we are lucky to have him.

Thanks Pete – for your doing it your way, The Pits way.

Richie Cuskelly

(PS. This doesn’t read like an obituary, does it?) 

Release: November 29th, 2022, Independent

Cover art by Molly Turner

All songs originally written and recorded by Peter Pit.

Mastered and a lot more by Graham Meredith.

Conceived and compiled by Tam Hanson and Robbie Fisher.

Thanks in advance to Pete and past members of The Pits for not minding that we did this to your songs without asking.