Jizz pup-ponk. Warner Smith & Bancroft will sweep you up into a blizzard of un-dreamy beamers. Delivering hard-hitting, punchy music, mixed with sweet, harmonic ballads. Full-toss at 240fps and ethereal AF! Catch them out for a golden duck.

The debut album from lutruwita/Tasmania 5-piece Warner Smith & Bancroft is here, on powerful translucent pink cassette tape.

SLEDGE was recorded, mixed, mastered and much more by Jethro Pickett in Glaziers Bay, Tasmania 2022.

Mary did a beautiful lino cut for the cover. Felix bisected a cricket ball after documenting its passage through a full lunar cycle. Grab it from their bandcamp page!

WSB is Felix, Maile, Mary, Natalya and Sarah.

Release: September 23rd, 2023, Independent