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Exploring big ideas through analysing media and pop culture

… with Dr Craig Norris.

Media Mothership explores the media’s role in shaping our perception of the world around us, and how audiences participate, express and circulate their own stories within today’s changing media landscape.

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Field Recordings

15 Jun 2023, 4:56pm

15 Jun 2023, 4:56pm Interview: Deanna Recorded at Taspop South.

15 Jun 2023, 4:53pm

15 Jun 2023, 4:53pm Interview: Visual Novel Cosplay Recorded at Taspop South 2022.

15 Jun 2023, 4:51pm

15 Jun 2023, 4:51pm Interview: Marvel Shield Trooper Recorded at Taspop South 2022.

Radio Dramas

12 Jul 2023, 2:55pm

12 Jul 2023, 2:55pm Gunsmoke Media Mothership Intro If you love the classic western Gunsmoke, you’ll enjoy this tribute from the Media Mothership radio show. We’ve recreated the iconic intro of Gunsmoke with our own twist and flair. Listen to how we capture the spirit and drama of the old west in a modern and fun way. 

23 Jun 2023, 10:20pm

23 Jun 2023, 10:20pm GANGBUSTERS Media Mothership Show Intro Inspired by the 1930s and 40s radio drama series "Gangbusters" here's an intro to Media Mothership full of exploding energy, breaking glass, sirens and gun blasting to let you know the show is on. Hope the intro goes gangbusters!

23 Jun 2023, 12:38pm

23 Jun 2023, 12:38pm Media Mothership intro in the style of Duffy's Tavern Media Mothership pays homage to the classic 1940s Radio Comedy Series “Duffy’s Tavern” with its own tribute intro.

Highlight Shorts

11 Jun 2023, 9:36pm

11 Jun 2023, 9:36pm Media Mothership Electro Cosmo Dance Edit Taylor (aka hidamaO_O) has created a music video that captures the essence of Media Mothership, with catchy tunes, quirky sound effects, and story.

23 May 2023, 9:11pm

23 May 2023, 9:11pm Improving the hook in our Harry Potter fan fic "Hi Harry". Full Harry Potter fan fic radio drama here. Excerpt from show 19/05/2023.

23 May 2023, 8:59pm

23 May 2023, 8:59pm You Won't Believe How Cold War Bootleggers Made Music! From 19/05/2023 show. More information here.