Welcome to Thursday Feels

I’m your host Kiz and this is Thursday Feels, a weekly 1 hour music show to wrap your ears around.  

I’ve always loved how music can express how you feel, influence your emotions, trigger a memory or spark your imagination. And that’s what Thursday Feels is about –  chasing moods, memories or daydreams through music – to soundtrack your soul. 

Each episode has a theme and themes are wide ranging. From gut wrenching breakup songs, desert road trip vibes and summertime microbrewery tunes, to whisky voices, campfire tunes or some proper street party bangers. You can expect surprise discoveries, hidden gems, and, of course, some familiar favourites.  

I dive into my collection of music to curate the playlist each week. It’s a vast library ranging from electronic dance, funk, soul and hip hop, to afrocelt, punk, R&B and brit pop to dancehall, rockabilly and gospel (to name a few) … and sometimes all in the same episode!  

I’ll set the scene with descriptive intros to song sets to create some theatre for your mind. Or, the music could evoke a different mood, memory or daydream from you. If so, I’d love to hear from you, you can text into the studio on +61 (0) 4888 117 07.

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It’s a bit of a vegemite music show, depending on your mood, so you can find playlists on this Spotify link, to listen when the mood strikes you.  

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PS – And if you like any of the music: own the magic, support the artist and buy their music.



Listen to the latest episodes

16 May 2024, 6pm

16 May 2024, 6pm Thursday Feels Sorry, no Thursday Feels due to illness. But don't despair, click the below links for past shows or check out all playlists on Spotify. 

9 May 2024, 6pm

9 May 2024, 6pm Thursday Feels Matriarch's Musical Musings: This week is a Mother's Day special, a collab with my mum who has shared her fav songs as well as reflections on the role of music in her life. There are a few old favourites but mostly contemporary and new releases.

2 May 2024, 6pm

2 May 2024, 6pm Thursday Feels Soulful Samples Part II: The second installment of Soulful Samples, where classic soul tunes, meet contemporary tracks that have sampled them

25 Apr 2024, 6pm

25 Apr 2024, 6pm Thursday Feels Soulful Samples Part I: Contemporary tracks that have sampled classic soul tunes, played back-to-back.